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Following the second season of STO Live, we were once again involved in the third season of this online talkshow.

In the 22-23 school year, we again toured the Netherlands to provide a podium to the goals, plans, approach and results of investments in technical education at pre-vocational secondary education.

Season 3 consisted of six episodes, broadcasted from locations throughout the Netherlands. For these broadcasts, several schools around the country were transformed into television studios. Using four cameras, the broadcast was directed into a live and interactive program. This involved the use of graphics and video-playback developed by us.

As a technical party, we were closely involved in the concept, technical realization, design and content of the series of online talkshows.

  • Livestream via custom platform
  • 4 cameras
  • Autocue
  • Graphics
  • Video-playback
  • Powerpoints