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This is what’s involved in realizing a good livestream

Every livestream calls for a unique approach. But at the same time, each project also goes through approximately the same steps. To give you some more insight into these steps, we have listed them below.

1. Your wishes

Time to get acquainted

First, we get to know your event. We’ll advise you in the role that livestreaming can play during your event, we’ll talk about your wishes regarding the registration of the event and we’ll discuss practical matters.

When we know enough about your event and your wishes, we will prepare a quote. In the quotation we try to match your wishes and your budget as much as possible. In doing so, we’ll look for creative solutions.

achter de schermen bij een livestream
Achter de schermen Livestream

2. Preparation

You get a great stream, we deal with all the technical challenges

When you are satisfied with our offer and we know your event well enough, we will start with the preparations for the livestream. For example, we will contact our studio- or location partners and carefully coordinate all logistics and technical matters. If you already have a location in mind for the broadcast, we will visit the location in advance.

We’ll get in contact with all the parties involved and create a strategy for the recording. This way everyone knows exactly what will happen at what time. When necessary, we can produce graphic elements for the broadcast, such as titles and animations that will be used during the livestream.

3. Set-up

Making sure that your event is covered from all angles

When recording a livestream, a multitude of cables and boxes come into play. We’ll quickly set-up all of the equipment, without you needing to worry about anything. We test everything and make sure we are ready to broadcast well before the start of the program.

We always use the latest technology in the production of our livestreams, including 4G routers which allow us to broadcast from any location.

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Achter de schermen Livestream
Achter de schermen Livestream

4. Broadcast

The moment we’ve been working towards

After all the preparations, we can start with the livestream.

We switch real time between cameras, powerpoints, videos and dialers. Over the stream we put live graphics such as leaders, bumpers and title bars.

During the event we keep a close eye on all aspects of the broadcast. We are in direct contact with our camera operators, so that we can respond quickly to any situation and always have a spare person on hand to deal with unforeseen circumstances.

And we continuously monitor the stream itself, to guarantee the best possible quality.

5. Delivery

The end product

After the broadcast has ended, we’ll start to take down our equipment. We will make sure that the broadcast location is left the way we found it.

Even if we have not broadcasted the event live, the recording will be available immediately after the event. We can directly put the recording online or we can edit it.

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