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Live stream options

There are various options for organizing a live stream event, hybrid event or webinar. Streaming Guys is the right place for the best solutions for your online event. As a video production company, we think along with you to achieve your goal and deliver reliable live streams of TV quality.

Each live stream requires a unique approach.

Livestream event

Livestream talkshow organiseren op locatie
By Livestreaming your event you make your message accessible to a wide audience. We are specialized in organizing livestreams on location and make sure the livestream represent your brand or organization. Such as talkshows, panel discussions, keynotes and other formats. Of course it is also possible to use our full service live stream studio in The Hague.
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Webinar organization

Livestream Studio op Locatie
Share your information, presentation, training or discussion with a wide online audience. A webinar is quickly organized, especially in our own Livestream Studio in The Hague. We specialize in involving the online viewer in a Webinar. We do this through interaction such as Q&As and Polls. We think along with the organization of your webinar. Because of our experience in Livestreaming, we know how to captivate viewers and keep them involved in the online webinar.
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Hybride event

OAY TU Delft
A hybrid event brings together the best of both worlds. We take care of your meeting or conference that takes place both physically and online. Hybrid events let you reach a larger audience without missing out on the benefits of a physical event. We specialize in bringing together the wishes of an online and physical audience. This creates the perfect experience for both groups.
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View a number of livestream options that we have produced

Benefits of a live stream

  • Global reach

With a live stream, people from all over the world can participate in your event, regardless of their physical location. This increases the target group of the event and makes it possible to reach a larger audience.

  • Interaction and involvement

Live streams are perfect for interaction, such as live chat, Q&A, and polls. Interaction makes viewers feel involved in the live stream wherever they are in the world.

  • Flexibility and convenience

Live streams can be viewed from various devices such as computers, smartphones or tablets. This gives viewers the freedom to join the event at a time and location that is most convenient for them, with no travel time required.

Benefits of a Webinar

  • Sharing expertise

Webinars enable experts to share their knowledge and expertise with a targeted audience. This makes it possible to transfer valuable information, insights and best practices to participants interested in a specific topic or field.

  • Interactive learning experience

Webinars provide the opportunity for presenters and participants to interact through live Q&A sessions, chat features, and polls. This creates an active learning experience where questions can be asked, answers provided and discussions can take place.

  • Cost and time savings

Organizing a webinar can save travel costs and time, both for the presenters and the participants. This makes a webinar cost-effective and a more sustainable choice.

Benefits of a hybrid event

  • Extend range

A hybrid event allows organizers to reach both a physical audience and an online audience. This increases the reach of your event and offers the opportunity to engage people who would otherwise not be able to physically attend.

  • Flexibility for participants

Hybrid events offer participants the flexibility to choose between physical attendance and online participation. By also sharing a recording of the event, your target group is flexible in terms of place and time.

  • Optimized Interaction

Hybrid events provide the opportunity for in-person interaction with physical attendees and virtual interaction with online attendees. We are experts in understanding the needs of the physical and online audience.