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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Livestream cost?

For us, a high-quality livestream is always custom, which is why we don’t work with package-prices. You can always contact us for a quote, no strings attached.

You should expect to pay around €2,500 for a simple livestream and up to €12,000 for a large talk show on location.

What platform do you use to stream?

We can broadcast to any platform. Like YouTube, Facebook, Zoom, Teams, Hopin, Let’s Get Digital and many more.

For most streams we use a combination of Vimeo and Slido, which we have placed next to each other on our own webpage.

Take a look at to see it in action.

Do you have other requirements regarding platform and interaction? Contact us, we love a challenge.

Is it possible to have remote guests in the broadcast?

By default, we have the option to include one remote guest in the broadcast. This can be done by using Zoom of Teams.

More remote guests is possible, in that case we take someone along who manages the remote guests and ensures that everything runs smoothly.

Is it necessary to schedule a rehearsal?

We always recommend scheduling a rehearsal. That way we can ensure that light, sound and cameras are perfectly matched to the presentation.

Did you know that the Dutch 8 o’clock news is rehearsed every single day?

When will the recording be available?

If you provide a hard drive yourself, we can transfer the recording immediately after the broadcast. That way the recording is available to you straight away.

What requirements do you have for the location?

For a smooth stream we need the following from the location.

  • Internet of at least 25 mbps up & down
  • Electricity: 2 groups (16A, 230V)
  • Tables and chairs for our flypack (3 persons, about 4 meters wide)

Can we use powerpoints?

Sure! Make sure that the powerpoint has a ratio of 16:9 in full-hd. We prefer to receive one merged PowerPoint file.

Can we use videos and photos?

This is possible. For videos we require a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and a minimum bitrate of 5mbps.

What graphics can we use?

You can think of title slides, a countdown clock or title bars for the speakers.

We have a number of options ready for you as standard. A custom graphics package is of course also possible.